Youtube Shortcut Keys – In Detail


Even though, I’m using Youtube for many years, I really don’t know most of the Youtube shortcut keys, even, I don’t know how to forward/backward using my keyboard. I always use Mouse to forward/backward. But, It’s really hard to forward for a few seconds. Not just about forwarding, here I’m presenting the complete Youtube shortcut keys in detail!

Before all, please note that:  “→” means right arrow key in the keyboard. Ctrl + → means press Ctrl and Right arrow key at a time. Don’t press the “+” key;)

To use Shortcut keys, first you must click on the Youtube player!


Forward 5 Seconds: →
Forward 10 Seconds: Ctrl + →
Backward 5 Seconds: ←
Backward 10 Seconds: Ctrl + ←
To forward more than 10 Seconds, just hold the arrow key!
Skipping parts of video:
You can skip parts of the video by pressing number keys 1-10. If you press 1, 1 part of the video will be forwarded. If you press 5, you’ll skip half of the video and if you press 9, you’ll skip 90% of the video, like that! And, If you want to Restart the video, press “0” simply (You can use “R” key also to restart).

Increase/Decrease/Mute Volume:

Increase Volume: ↑
Decrease Volume: ↓
Mute Volume: “M” key

Full Screen:

Entering Full Screen mode: “F” key
Exit Full Screen mode: “Esc” key

Pause/Play Video:

Press “Space bar” key to Play/Pause video.

Go to Start or End:

Press “Home” key to restart the video and “End” key to go to the end of the video.

  • All the shortcut keys mentioned here are tested on Windows OS only. Don’t know about Mac or any other OS. But, try them!


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