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Dangerous Islands… Can you Survive ??

Rasheed Ras
Written by Rasheed Ras

World is so safe to Live : (The misconception of humans ) ; There are many places on the Earth which are inappropriate for  livelihood. But now lets discuss about the most dangerous islands in the world by counting from 6 to 1 :

Count down No: 6

Farallon Island :

The Farallon Islands, or Farallones, are a group of islands and sea stacks in the Gulf of the Farallones, off the coast of San Francisco, California, United States.

  • There are many research centres available in these Islands, some scientists also work here.
  • From the year 1946-1970, about 47000 barrols of low level radio active elements have been kept here.
  • Many great which sharks also began to live around this island.

Count Down No:  5

Bikini Atoll :

Bikini Atoll is an atoll in the Marshall Islands which consists of 23 islands totalling 3.4 square miles surrounding a 229.4-square-mile central lagoon. It is at the northern end of the Ralik Chain, approximately 87 kilometres northwest of Ailinginae Atoll and 850 kilometres northwest of Majuro.

  • Many nuclear tests have been conducted here, United States of America have conducted about 23 Nuclear Tests here.
  • The amount of sharks also very high around this Atoll.
  • Due to many Nuclear Tests, radiation is also very high which makes the man very difficult to live here.

Count Down No: 4


Gruinard Island is a small, oval-shaped Scottish island approximately 2 kilometres long by 1 kilometre wide, located in Gruinard Bay, about halfway between Gairloch and Ullapool.

  • During world war II, many Biological experiments were performed here, Now also many dangerous experiments are being conducted for weapons,
  • Sign boards are kept as its prohibited;

Count Down No: 3


The Izu Islands (伊豆諸島 Izu-shotō) , comes 6th dangerous in our count down, these are a group of volcanic islands stretching south and east from the Izu Peninsula of Honshu, Japan.

  • There are 17 Active Volcanoes in these islands, moreover dangerous sulfur gases are emitted continuously that makes man to stay away from this Island.
  • Even though who lives here should keep oxygen masks with them, in the year 2000, the habituated humans have vacated this islands for five years.,

Count Down No: 2 

Ramree Island :

Ramree Island is an island off the coast of Rakhine State, Burma. The area of the island is about 1,350 square kilometres and the main populated center is Ramree.

  • This island is rich in crocodiles, ( Minimum weight of a crocodile is about 910 Kilograms),
  • During the World War II, 400 Japanese soldiers came to this island to hide themselves from British army. saddest part is that all of the 400 soldiers became the food of these dangerous crocodiles. This havoc has been registered in Guinness Book of World Records.


Count Down No: 1

Snake Island (Iha da queimada) :

lha da Queimada Grande, also known as Snake Island, is an island off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. It is administered as part of the municipality of Peruíbe in the State of São Paulo.

  • Here the most amazing thing to note is that for every 1 Sq. Mtr. one poisonous snake will be there that means humans cant take a step forward in this island.


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