How to convert Unicode text to Anu fonts text?


Sometimes, we want to use the unicode text in Anu fonts. Most people retypes the unicode matter in Anu fonts. It’s a very time consuming process. But, there’s a tool that we can use to convert unicode text into Anu fonts easily. What we need to do is just copy the unicode text and the tool will convert the text into Anu fonts ready. You can just paste the Anu fonts text in the word. That’s it!

Unicode to Anu Fonts Converter:

Don’t know how to type in Anu Script fonts? Then this is the perfect solution for you. You don’t even need to learn Telugu typing! you can just type in Unicode (use and convert it to Anu fonts using this tutorial!

How to Convert Unicode Text to Anu Fonts Text:

STEP 1: First, copy the required unicode text that need to be changed into Anu fonts.

STEP 2: Go to the above mentioned link and after loading, in the first tab, paste the copied unicode text.

STEP 3: Choose the Anu fonts version (Most people today use Anu 7.0), and you’re done.

STEP 4: You’ll see text with symbols in the second text. Don’t worry, just copy the whole text in the second tab.

STEP 5: Now, open MS-Word or any other editor and choose Anu font (For example: Priyanka) and paste the copied text. That’s it!

Video Tutorial:


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