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A casual walk to Himayat Sagar Dam

5th January (2019) it is.  I just woke up at around 7’o clock as it is weekend and wondered how boring the recent past is without any travels.  My roommate is still in deep sleep and I alone started to the Himayat Sagar Dam which is around 3 miles from my room.  The morning is still misty and the atmosphere is touchingly pleasant.  I just made few phone calls to my friends while going and reached the Dam by 8:30 AM.

Himayatsagar Dam is just 5 kilometers from Rajendranagar (where I work) and a very good place for a morning walk.  I believe most of the Hyderabadis don’t even know that such place exists in the city.  Few pictures of the area (I took the Dam pictures last time, but somehow lost them, will surely update here when I visit next time):

The pleasant atmosphere and the walk just burst my stress.  I really enjoyed the solo visit to the dam.  The enjoyment part is over.  I just sat for a half an hour and started my return journey.  I would like to jog this time and started on the footpath, which is a recently laid one.

My jog started and irritated just after a minute due to ORR toll rate indicator boards, which are placed on the footpath.  I just got down and again started my jog.  The board comes again.  The boards are more than 5, which occupied almost all the recently laid footpath of a kilometer I think.  I just wondered what’s the point in laying a footpath if it is not useful for those who walk with foot!  No pedestrian can utilize the footpath.

I don’t know what motivated me, but just took some pictures of the footpath and posted them on Twitter tagging the Principal Secretary of Ministry of Municipal Administration & Urban Development – Shri Arvind Kumar along with other official handles.

I really don’t have any hope that it will make any change, but somehow it got the attention of social media and many people supported my tweet.  It got the attention of the Principal Secretary too and he responded to my tweet and directed the Officer on Special Duty, Outer Ring Road to relocate the boards.

Finally and surprisingly, the work was done immediately and within 24 hours of my tweet, they relocated the boards and the footpath is free!

I felt awesome because of the prompt response and immediate work done by the officials.  Citizens participation in democracy and use of social media for public works by both people and executives together can result in quick improvements.  It doesn’t matter whether it gets resolved or not, but it is always good to share the civic issues over social media.

And you know? The motivation/reason behind all this jog is a new pair of shoe, which I ordered on Flipkart for ₹649 😆  😎

PS: The shoe is not great, but good for the price!

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