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The 1st & Best Screenshot Software for Linux / Ubuntu

If you’re a former Windows user, you would have used Lightshot, a perfect screenshot software with which you can select a particular area, edit (like highlighting , adding text , arrow marks , blur ..etc) without any external application requirement and for Linux, after years, finally a software named “Flameshot” has been developed, and it satisfies all the features of Lightshot. In fact, Flameshot for Linux is better than Lightshot for Windows and it is a completely Free and Open Source Software. Let’s see the Flameshot features & guide to install it in your Ubuntu powered machine.

Flameshot features:

I wanted to tip the developers in fact. Apart from their excellent development both in terms of back-end and UI, in their GitHub release, they have also shared the Flameshot features in a single GIF image:

As you can see, you can select particular area and you can highlight, add text, blur, colour areas and what not! Wanna try it? Let’s see the installation guide.

How to install Flameshot in Ubuntu?

Basically, I’m new to Ubuntu or Linux as a whole. Like all newbies, I’ve my own uncomfortable things as I have migrated from well polished proprietary Windows. But, trust me guys, Ubuntu has grown a lot and making things much simpler from time to time. Coming to the point, follow the instructions mentioned below to install it in Ubuntu. If you want instructions for Arch Linux / Fedora or any other distro, you may follow the GitHub guide for instructions.

  • Download the Flameshot .deb file by clicking here. (The link provided here is 0.60 version of Flameshot. The link may become obsolete in future if I don’t update.  Of course you can update it later using ‘sudo apt upgrade’ command, but I recommend you to download the latest .deb version from GitHub)
  • Double click after downloading and it will open in the Ubuntu Software. Click “install” and you’re done.
  • You can see the Flameshot icon in the top right menu (see the below screenshot).

  • You’re done with the installation part. Click the icon and take your snaps.

Tip 1: After fresh installation, the software doesn’t enable the “Text” adding feature. You should enable it in the Configuration. For this, click on the flameshot icon (top right) and select Configuration and enable “Text” as shown:

Hope the developers will enable it by default in their coming releases.

Tip 2: Add the software in your startup applications to avoid opening the software each and every time.

Hope you like the post 🙂

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