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PUBG Tips And Tricks (Mobile and PC)

Written by Vivek

The Most Trending Game in this year “PUBG”

the main reason is,it also provides online multiplayer feature.That means we can play with our friends wherever they are.. here are some tips and tricks to increase performance of the gameplay..

For Mobile Users :

Simple and few advices for low end mobile users,as your device is low when it comes to specs make sure of these things to be done before starting the game :

  • Clear Recent history make sure no app is running in the background
  • check the Net connection. which maybe either data or wifi make sure signal strength is strong
  •  Ingame, lower your graphic settings to low and fps settings to low for better performance
  • just minimize all your settings to low. youll lose your visual experience but main priority is to play the game.


For PC(COMPUTER) Users :

Note : This note is for the people who dont know that pubg developers has released a emulator called “Tecent gaming buddy” which allows users to play pubg game in your personal computers by linking their facebook accounts.Follow me..

Link to download Tencent gaming buddyhttps://syzs.qq.com/en/

download and install it.it will take some time for the installation process..

After completion open the emulator and link your facebook account and start playing. if you experience any stutter lag or fps drop.. well these are my tips which will definitely help you..

Change the settings as shown below in the pictures..

1. Go to settings in the emulator..

2. change your settings like these ..

3.  change your settings as shown below..

4. go to in game settings put like this..

and finally clean the cache for increasing performance

after clearing the cache emulator has to be restarted.. once the restarting completes.. go to settings and observe the options that you’ve changed. if they are set to default again.. once again repeat the process of changing settings as shown above in the pictures for one more time. changing them for one time is enough your settings will be changed..and dont clear cache always..





well my suggestion is to install DROID CAM app in both mobile and your pc which allows you authorization of microphone.. that means you can talk while playing with earphones connected to pc.. 

link for droid cam app :


install and play, enjoy 🙂

thank you..




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