How to remove Ads from µTorrent/BitTorrent?


Ads in µTorrent is a terrible thing. Even, µTorrent don’t use filters, different type of ads appears very badly and they consume data, slows µTorrent too. µTorrent is offering users to remove ads with their PRO version, which costs around 25 USD. But, you can officially remove Ads within a minute. Just do follow the steps mentioned below!

How to Remove Ads from µTorrent / Bit Torrent Officially?

STEP 1: Open µTorrent / Bit Torrent > Options > Preferences. Go to Additional Tab and Search for the Following.


STEP 2: Change all Found results from TRUE to FALSE.
STEP 3: Now, Search for the Following.


STEP 4: Change all Found results from TRUE to FALSE. Click on Apply and Ok.
STEP 5: Restart your µTorrent / Bit Torrent. You’ll never see such Ads!

Video Tutorial:


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