How to make ibus run always (autostart) without window in KDE distros?

Ibus is a live saviour for those who use different keyboard setups like me. I use Apple (Telugu) keyboard to type in Unicode. Gnome based distros such as Ubuntu, Fedora, etc., do not have any problems as Gnome by default applies a different logic and ibus-daemon always runs whether you use or not. in KDE based distros, unless you set up ibus manually to autostart, you have to manually start ibus and when you launch it from start menu, it shows a window and if you quit it, ibus quits too (what I/we are opening is ‘ibus-preferences’ and not ‘ibus-daemon’). It annoyed a lot since I found the solution. If you launch ibus-daemon (not to be confused with launching ‘ibus’ from start menu), it won’t display any window and works fine. What you have to do is simple

Go to any folder, right click -> Create New -> Link to Application and then follow as shown in the screenshots below. That’s it! Restart your system and you can see ibus autostarts without any window.

Note: If you don’t want ibus always, you can manually open in terminal by typing “ibus-daemon”.

The entire tutorials in screenshots – How to make ibus work always?

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