How to change your SBI Branch through Net Banking?

When we change our locality, we need to change our bank branch too.  Most of us will go to the present branch and write a letter requesting branch change and it takes time.  There is one other way.  You can change your SBI savings account branch easily without even going to the Bank.  It is possible, if you have enabled your internet banking facility.  Just logon to your State Bank internet banking and follow the procedure mentioned here.

Change your SBI Branch by following these steps:

  • Logon to State Bank Internetbanking by entering your username and password
  • After logging in, go to e-Services > More > Transfer of Savings Account

  • Enter the branch code that you wish to be transferred.  If you don’t know the branch code, click here.
  • After getting the branch name, click Submit and you are done!  Your SBI State Bank Savings account will be transferred to the new branch within 7 days.

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