18 Stunning Art Works of Baahubali – Don’t Miss Them!

Baahubali’s Art Work, The soul of the film. Each and Every frame is designed with 100% care, That everyone can understand in-theaters! From the beginning to the release, They spent every second of time with great effort! Here are some pics which are designed by “Devian Art”. The following pictures includes also the upcoming “The Conclusion” part of Baahubali.
All the pictures here are taken from official sources!

Baahubali Pattabhishekam , Maahishmati!

At the end of Part-1, Sivagami declares the king of Maahishmati as “Amarendra Baahubali”. So, The second part starts with this ! Have a look and start dreaming 🙂

Maahishmati Kingdom – Amarendra Baahubali!

Maahishmati’s Kingdom palace with interior design. May be here is our Amarendra Baahubali?

Maahishmati Kingdom Symbols!

Maahishmati’s Ministers Assembly:

Raja Darbar.. Perfect place for the Justice!

Bhallaladeva’s 100 feet Statue:

100 adugula vigraham . . Vela mandi Shrama korada ?

Baahubali..Baahubali..Baahubali..Baahubali…Interval Bang!

Baahubali , literally means “Strong Arms”.. Hence proved in the interval. The 100 feet’s statue doesn’t requires 100 people! Urakalu vese rakthamunna “Mahendra Baahubali” chaalu!

Maahishmati War with Kalakeya:

Nearly 2000+ junior artists worked for this battle sequence. Here is the Aerial View!


Bhalla’s chariot . . During the initial stages, Concept thoughts in the art work!

Royal Court Hall of Maahishmati:

Here..We are going to see Bhalla in the King’s thrown and Prabhas in the Darbar with serious look ! Let’s wait for the 2nd part . . !

Maahishmati Temple:

The temple for the people of “Maahishmati” . . Hope there will be some sequences in this temple with “Maahishmati Maatha”..explaination ?

Transporting Catapult:

 Elephant’s State Entrance!

Maahishmati City entrance

Initial States..Design Ideas for Maahishmati Palace:

Maahishmati Palace:

Palace entrance , The final view !

Queen Palace of Maahishmati:

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